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About company

When creating our company, we were guided to create such a business model that will allow each client to solve any issues in one place. For this business purpose, we have gathered professional specialists, each in his own field. We started with just four services, and today we already have fourteen services that have been perfected, worked out and tested by time.
We are a company dedicated to solving the most complex and sophisticated tasks of our clients. We offer tailor-made and unique tools, solutions and advice to ensure a positive result as quickly and efficiently as possible.
We are constantly expanding the scope of our activities and improving the quality of services. Our flexibility allows you to get a faster approach to service delivery. As we grow, we continue to stick to united teamwork and honing the reach of a creative and efficient approach.
We will make sure to find the most suitable solution for you.


We conduct business in a professional, honest and efficient manner. We have established ourselves as a high-class performer of our business. And also, capable of solving the most complex tasks that are not included in the list of our services.
We value your time and strictly respect confidentiality. With us, you have nothing to worry about. Let us take care of your troubles.


Reecker offers effective customer interaction. Our team members are experienced people in their field. We work closely with them to make sure they are of the highest quality and have the temperament and skills needed to make the project a success. Our employees are respectful and result oriented.


Our clients are both individuals and companies. Our experience shows that we are able to provide tasks both for one person and for large groups. We enjoy talking to clients to learn more about their priorities, as well as hone our understanding of the business with a dedicated, professional approach.


Often our clients ask for services that are not included in the list of our services. Therefore, we have partners from various fields for the convenience of customers and the provision of their tasks. All our partners are time-tested and we are sure that the service provided will be performed perfectly. We take care of all questions.

We work closely with partners, which allows us to control the process in full, to improve service, quality and productivity.

Our values

Honesty, professionalism and confidentiality are our three main values. We uphold the highest ethical standards and avoid undue influence or conflicts of interest that could undermine our company’s image.

We have no stereotypes and prejudices, so each client receives respect and courtesy, regardless of social status, nationality, gender, age, etc.

Организация частных перелетов

Flying on private flights

Flight booking for private

jet flights.

Личный помощник помогает в любых ваших задачах

Personal assistant

A personal assistant will perform any of your tasks.

Покупка дорогих эксклюзивных бриллиантов

Participation in auctions

Participation in the most prestigious auctions in the UK

Мы выполним любые ваши пожелания

Managing your property

Preparation for your arrival, renting out, turnkey repairs.

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